Ondrej Osicka

I am a PhD Research Scholar at NHH Norwegian School of Economics.
Welcome to my webpage.

About me

I am a PhD Research Scholar in the Department of Business and Management Science at NHH Norwegian School of Economics, and a member of the Centre for Shipping and Logistics. I received a master’s degree in Mathematical Engineering from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Brno University of Technology in 2016.

My research interests revolve around cooperation in operations research, from coalition formation through realization of the cooperation to distribution of associated costs or profits. My mathematical background allows me to connect theoretical results of cooperative game theory with practical problems faced by businesses.

Currently, I am working on my dissertation Essays on Cooperation in Transportation and Logistics under supervision of Mario Guajardo and Stein W. Wallace.

Department of Business and Management Science
NHH Norwegian School of Economics
Helleveien 30, 5045 Bergen, Norway

+47 55 95 99 39


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Osička, O., Hrdina, J., Šomplák, R., Popela, P., and Pavlas, M. (2016). Shapley value approximation for games with distant players. Mendel, 103–108. ISSN 1803-3814


Nevrlý, V., Šomplák, R., Popela, P., Pavlas, M., Osička, O., and Kůdela, J. (2016). Heuristic challenges for spatially distributed waste production identification problems. Mendel, 109–116. ISSN 1803-3814


Jun 8, 2018

Collaborative Location-Routing

7th International Workshop on Freight Transportation and Logistics Odysseus 2018, Cagliari, Italy

Feb 15, 2018

Collaborative Location-Routing

Departmental Seminar at Geilo 2018 (Department of Business and Management Science, NHH Norwegian School of Economics), Geilo, Norway

Jul 20, 2017

Cost Allocation in Collaborative Transportation with Overlapping Coalitions

21st Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS), Quebec City, Canada

Jan 19, 2017

Cost Allocation and Coalition Formation in Collaborative Logistics

14th CEMS Research Seminar on Supply Chain Management, Riezlern, Austria

Jun 8, 2016

Shapley Value Approximation for Games with Distant Players

22nd International Conference on Soft Computing MENDEL 2016, Brno, Czech Republic

Work in progress

Collaboration in Location-Routing Problems

with Guajardo, M., and van Oost, T.

Cost Allocation in Coalition Configuration

with Guajardo, M.

Cooperation of Customers in Traveling Salesman Problems with Profits

with Guajardo, M., and Jörnsten, K.


spring 2018

spring 2017

BUS444 Økonometri for regnskap og økonomisk styring (Econometrics for Business Research; master's programme, NHH Norwegian School of Economics)

teaching assistant leading paper discussions and problem sessions (implementation of regression models in Stata)

autumn 2017

autumn 2016

BUS461 Decision Modelling in Business (formerly ENE420; master's programme, NHH Norwegian School of Economics)

teaching assistant leading problem sessions (building optimization models and their implementation in MS Excel and AMPL)